2019 Downtown Winners!!


Doubles: A

1st Place: Rock Solid

Boyd End OFHorn

Sheldon Tree Top

Leon Brown Otter 

Robert End Of Horn

2nd Place. Chocolate Wasted

Junior Mckee

Brandon Eagle

Deuce Spotted Horse

Turner Hill  

1st Place: Mark Red Bear & Cody Dog Eagle 
2nd Place: Boyd End Of Horn & Robert Mellette 
3rd Place: Sheldon Tree Top & Robert End Of Horn - Not Pictured 

3rd Place: Light Switch 

Stetson Wagner 

Mary Martin 

Jusin Dame

Tim Roebuck

Doubles: B

1st Place: Nadine & Morgan Yellow 

Team: B

1st Place. Armed N Hammered 

Nicole Munsinger

JoAnn Mousseau

Robert Mellette

Lynette Ireland 

2nd Place. Non Sobriety Society

Effie Thompson

Deidra Thompson

Nadine Yellow

Danitelle Gusman

3rd Place Drunk N Disorderly 

Danielle Cadotte

Joella Cadotte

Vanessa Cadotte

Melody Gabe 

2nd Place: Joanne Mousseau & Nicole Munsinger 
3rd Place:Danielle Cadotte & Dyanne Pay Pay